Our mission is to design the next generation of products to empower people to walk, sit and sleep better with myfrido.

It starts with an innovative wheelchair

Frido has always been about enhancing human activities, Our first product Frido Go wheelchair become the first self propelled shower and commode wheelchair which could maneuver in complex bathrooms and folded to fit in a suitcase. It got exported in 8+ countries and is being used in several prime institutions like Indian Army Veterans Rehab, Pune based PRC, Kirkee.

Building the comfort products movement

Entire human body weight passes through our feet. This leads to irregularities in feet, pain during walking and running, with right design of supports made for feet, this can change and most pain can be prevented and reduced at source. With frido, we are committed to designing the most innovative range of supports for feet in form of insoles and orthopedic footwear to help an alleviate these issues.

Gearing up the ergonomics revolution

Sitting for long periods can lead to poor posture, weight gain, mental health issues & pain down the body.

These issues can be greatly prevented and eliminated with the right design of ergonomic products which we are attempting to design and build at myfrido.

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