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Frido Dual Gel Insoles

A comfort insole that improves cushioning and support while you walk, run or stand in your shoes.

• Makes any shoe a 10x comfortable gel shoe

• Say goodbye to heel, foot & leg pain

• Stay on your feet longer with lesser fatigue & higher performance

• Dual Gel Technology absorbs shock impact on feet

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Awards & Recognitions

Amazon Smbhav Award Winner 2022

Best Startup by
Google at Surge 2016

Maharashtra Startup Week Winner 2018

Frido Insoles

your shoes with

Supppperrr charge

The Ultimate Support & Cushioning
you need in your shoes

Takes less than 2 minutes to install.


10x Better Cushioning

Cushioning designed to protect your feet from impact, also feels comfy and soft.


10x Better Support

Ultimate 3 zone support for
your heels, arch and ball of foot, distributes body weight.


All-day Pain Relief

Nearly 60% people found help with heel pain, leg, and back pain within 10 days of usage.

Reasons Why

Thousands Choose

Frido Insoles.

Ultra comfy, Adds extra cushioning.

Extra supportive for heel, arch & ball of foot.

Dedicated heel cup, helping with heel pain.

Soft Arch Support

Relief from heel, leg & back pain caused by longer standing hours.

Thin, Flimsy & Non-supportive

Frido Insoles

Other Insoles

Dual gel technology
Absorbs Shock Impact,

Relieves Pain

Feels amazingly comfortable with every step.

  • Heel Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Lower Back Pain

Why should you try

Frido Dual Gel Insoles?

Engineered to provide needed
cushioning and support to your feet

that brings smile to your face with every step.

Absorbs shock
energy for All-day
fatigue-free feet.

3 Zone support.
Heel cup, Low-arch,
Ball of foot.

Dual Gel
construction for
Massage like feel.

See what they’re saying about Frido Insoles!

  • "Must use Product"



    It's an awesome product with keeping in mind of day to day comfort.
    I am using it with my shoes. I am wearing shoes 8 am to 8 pm. It makes them very comfortable to wear all day long.
    Using since September 2022.
    It's been 4 months but its not damaged. It is as I bought it today.
    Buying 3 more for all my shoes.

  • Rachit


    It's the best investment for your feet if you're always running around and suffer from feet ache. Helped me with feeling comfort and softness for the whole time while wearing the shoe. Frido products are super!

  • "Really loved the product.. One of
    the finest Insoles in the market"

    Amrita Venkata


    Excellent and very comfortable. The cushioning at heel is silicon gel base the material is soft. This provides excellent comfort for plantar fasciitis. I had to cut it along the lines to fit the size. It fits well inside my shoe.

  • Excellent support, very comfortable for long use. Just follow the instructions in the package correctly. Could be priced a bit lower in my opinion, but not a major complaint. Plan to buy a few more for other shoes as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews
Abhinav sharma
Feels good in my shoes

My feet were so sore after walking around all day at work. I found this product, and I am pretty satisfied. Well cushioned, and well made.

Santosh Negi

I bought Stan Smith Lux shoes and due to the rigid and sturdy sole, it wasn’t as comfy as I thought. But after using the Frido dual gel insoles, the shoes feel lighter and more comfortable. Great product

Great for long days at work.

My company’s options for work shoes are safe but not exactly comfy. I bought these insoles to combat the pain I feel after a long shift.

Victor B.
Money Well Spent

After suffering constant pain from long standing all day this is a welcomed respite. Before i got this, in the mornings I couldn't stand on my feet when I awake due to pain in my heel. My feet no longer hurt and I completely forget that I'm standing this whole time and I get to focus on the job at hand. Highly recommended 👌 👍 👏 💯 🙌 😊

Karthik Nambiar
Comfort for all 8+ hours of use

These were super easy to size to my shoe and kept comfort all day long. It has great support for people needing to be on their feet for hours on hard surfaces. I've had no foot pain or back pain wearing my shoes with these inserts.


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  • Frido Dual Gel Insoles

    Supercharge your shoes with Frido Insoles!
    ✨ All-day massage feel
    🥊 Micro-shock absorption
    ✅ Support for heel, arch & ball of foot.




    Make your formal shoes feel softer!
    Enjoy extra softness of gel
    Dual-zone cushioning for heels and ball of foot.
    Anti-odour technology with cooling effect.