About Frido

Our journey started with easing the pain points of the elderly and the differently-abled. We made special wheelchairs to tackle their unsolved problem - to access washrooms with dignity and freedom. Since then we strive to have freedom from the pain points we face in our daily lives. checkout this video about how a Frido Wheelchair help Mr. Saravana Kumar to represent India in an International para table tennis tournament.

From super breathable face masks to the most comfortable gel insoles for our shoes; from well-designed wedge cushions for our beds/sofas to the adequate lumbar supports for our chairs/cars; we have been bringing out amazing products to enhance our activities of daily living, to tackle our day to day problems, to give freedom to do more!

Discover and experience amazing Frido products to enhance your lifestyle! If you are thinking about a problem that’s bothering you, most probably we already have a solution!

And if you can't find a solution yet, mostly we might have started working on it already and we would like to hear about it from you too! Please write about it here!

Hop on to share the journey with us to have the freedom to do more!

-Team Frido

Business Details:
Registered Business Name/Legal Name: Arcatron Mobility Private Limited
Registered Business Address - 403/B, Amar Tech Park, Balewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411045
Helpline: +91 74984 76544
Email: help@myfrido.com