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Frido Orthopedic

Heel Pad

Say goodbye to Heel Pain with Frido Orthopedic Heel Pad

Targeted for heel pain-relief.

Responsive gel cushioning that absorbs all shock-impact with every step.

Highly recommended for: Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or any type of heel pain elongating to leg & back pain.

Works well with: Formal shoes, loafers, work boots, canvas shoes, and many more.

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Awards & Recognitions

Amazon Smbhav Award Winner 2022

Best Startup by
Google at Surge 2016

Maharashtra Startup Week Winner 2018

with Frido Heel Pad

Heel Pain Relief

The Ultimate Responsive Gel Cushioning
you need in your shoes

Takes less than a minutes to install.


10x Better Cushioning

Cushioning designed to protect your heel from impact, feels amazingly comfy and soft.


100% Heel Protection

Frido heel insole makes wearing shoes comfortable. You don't feel like you are walking on the rocks anymore.


All-day Pain Relief

Nearly 60% people found help with heel pain, leg, and back pain within 10 days of usage.

Responsive Gel Technology,
Absorbs Shock Energy.

Enjoy the comfort with every step.

Reasons Why

Thousands Choose

Frido Shoe Inserts.

Relief from heel, leg & back pain caused by longer standing hours.

Reduces shock impact on heels

Extra heel cushioning, helps with heel pain.

Breathable Air-Vent Design

Ultra light weight.
Doesn't make shoes heavy

Heel Insole

Heel Insole

Good News!

Say goodbye to tired and achy feet
with Frido Orthopedic Heel Insole

Heel Pain Relief in your Preferred Shoes.

With Frido Orthopedic Heel Insole

Why should you try

Frido Gel Heel Insole?

Engineered to protect your heel and help in pain-relief.

Cushioning that brings smile to your face with every step.

Absorbs shock
energy for All-day
fatigue-free feet.

Targeted Heel Cushioning for ultimate relief

All-day Massage Feel for your Heel

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Jude Raj
One of the best

I have tried many but this one is the best. Great stuff

Chetna Kohli
Ultimate Foot Bliss

Every step feels so cushioned and comfortable. Love it!

Farhan Qureshi
A Total Lifesaver!

My feet have never been happier. Max relief from daily aches.

Deepak Mehta
Quality and Comfort

The flagship fabric and cushioning are exceptional!

Jhanvi Seth
Footwear Transformation!

My old shoes feel brand new with these insoles. Comfort redefined.

Frido Orthopedic Heel Pad