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Frido Arch Sports Insole

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Made from Hi-Per foam, these insoles offer lasting durability and resilience, ensuring long-term support and comfort.

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Product Features


How to Use



Product Features



Reduced foot pain and enhanced comfort.


Prolonged endurance for peak performance.


Moisture-wicking technology.


Protects your joints from impact.


Decreased foot and leg fatigue.


Relief from plantar fasciitis

How to Use

Hand pulling out insole of a gray sneaker against a black background.

Step 1

Take out your old insoles.

Hands cutting a black insole with blue scissors against a black background.

Step 2

Use the trim guide on the bottom near the toes to cut to your shoe size.

Hand pulling out insole of a gray sneaker against a black background.

Step 3

Insert toe first with the cloth side facing up. Ensure the heel of the insole fits firmly.


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Amazon Smbhav Award Winner 2022

Best Startup by
Google at Surge 2016

Maharashtra Startup Week Winner 2018

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