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About Frido Insoles.

Why Frido Insoles?

Because why walk on the ground when you can walk on clouds? Try Frido Insoles for super cloudy cushiony comfort even if you have to walk all day long!

What are Frido Dual Gel insoles? How do they work?

While you’re walking there needs to be proper body weight distribution to prevent tissue damage. That's what Frido Dual Gel insoles made with a Silicone gel blend of two different levels of firmness help you with. They also help in kick starting the tissue healing process.

What are sizes available in Frido Insoles?

Frido Insole in available in two size options. Small(For Shoe size between 5-8) & Regular(For Shoe size between 9-13)

What kind of shoes are compatible with Frido Insoles?

You can enjoy cushiony comfort of Frido Insole with following types of shoes. 1. Formal & Office shoes. 2. Loafers. 3. Boots. 4. Sneakers.

Are Frido Insoles are suitable for Flat feet?

No, we do not recommend using our insoles for Flat feet.


How can I buy Frido Insoles?

It's very simple, Visit www.myfrido.com/insoles -> Select suitable variable -> Place an order. Done!!

How can I use Frido Dual Gel Insoles?

Using Frido Dual Gel Insoles in a simple 3 step process. 1. Trim your Frido Dual Gel Insole as per indentations available on the backside of the insole, according to the UK size that fits you. 2. Remove the insole that came with your shoe and out in the trimmed Frido Dual Gel Insole with the heel lined up and fabric side with Frido logo facing up. 3. If your insole that came with your shoes doesn't come off, Simply place the trimmed insole on the top of the existing insole. Done! Now go enjoy a cushiony comfortable walking experience.

How can I clean my Frido Insoles?

That's the best part, simply treat them as you would your regular insoles that came with your shoes and wash them accordingly.

Return, Refund and Cancellation.

I have ordered wrong size of the Frido Insoles. Can I get help?

Yes, absolutely. We are highly obsessed about Customer success. We believe that our customer should only experience the best. You can directly Chat with us to request exchange. Alternatively, you can send us an email on support@myfrido.com

I think I have received a damaged product. What should I do now?

In any situation of doubt, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can directly Chat with us to request exchange. Alternatively, you can also send us an email on support@myfrido.com