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Frido Ultimate Mattress Topper

Transform your sleep from ordinary to extraordinary, on a budget with our cloud-like mattress topper!


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72" x 36"

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Sink into luxurious comfort with our quick response foam topper, designed to contour to your body for ultimate support and relaxation.

A hand pressing on a dotted surface, indicating softness or pressure.

Quick Response Foam

Three downward arrows above three wavy lines in a circle, indicating impact absorption.

Even Pressure Distribution

A golden hand holding a feather inside a circular border.

Enhanced Comfort

Silhouette of a head with a leaf inside, symbolizing mental well-being and nature.

Pressure Relief



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Three overlapping square layers: gray on top, yellow in middle, and black bottom, inside a circle.

Product Material:

Quick Response Foam

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Good For:

All types of Sleepers

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Cover Material:


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Care Guide:

Removable and Machine

Washable Cover

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7 Days

Experience Personalized Support

Product Features

Hand pressing into a memory foam surface demonstrating its flexibility.

Quick Response Foam

Quick Response Foam rapidly adjusts to your body, delivering immediate support and comfort while quickly returning to its original shape.

Elastic Straps to Keep it in Place

Elastic straps secure the mattress topper, keeping it firmly in place throughout the night. This feature is especially beneficial for restless sleepers.

A close-up of a mattress corner with a gray cover and straps securing it.
Close-up of a soft grey zippered fabric cover with 'Super Soft' text and icon.

Soft Fabric with Zipper

Plush fabric with a zipper offers a smooth, comfortable feel and easy access for secure and convenient use.

Why You'll Love Our Mattress Topper!


Woman lying on a mattress, smiling, holding a mug, with a yellow background.

Enhanced Comfort and Pain Relief

The Frido Mattress Topper molds to your body, delivering tailored comfort and reducing pressure on key areas like the shoulders and hips for a more relaxing sleep.

A woman in a yellow shirt sleeps soundly on an orange pillow with a crescent moon and 'zzz' icon.

Improved Sleep Quality

By providing a plush yet supportive sleeping surface, the Frido Mattress Topper helps reduce nighttime disturbances, enhancing the overall quality of your sleep.

Woman sleeping on her side on a mattress with ergonomic support visualization.

Even Pressure Distribution

It evenly distributes body weight, reducing stress on pressure points and enhancing overall comfort during sleep.

Hand touching a rolled-up, grey textured mattress topper against a yellow background.

Cost-Effective Upgrade

It offers a significant comfort boost at a fraction of the cost of a full memory foam mattress, making it a budget-friendly way to enhance your sleep experience.

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Frido Ultimate Mattress Topper