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Why Frido Insoles?

Because why walk on the ground when you can walk on clouds? For super cloudy cushiony comfort even if you have to walk all day long!

What are Frido Dual Gel insoles? How do they work?

While you’re walking there needs to be proper body weight distribution to prevent tissue damage. That's what Frido Dual Gel insoles made with a Silicone gel blend of two different levels of firmness help you with. They also help in kick starting the tissue healing process.

What size Frido Insoles should I buy?

Frido Insole in available in two size options. Small(For Shoe size between 5-8) & Regular(For Shoe size between 9-13)

How do I clean my Frido Insoles?

That's the best part, simply treat them as you would your regular insoles that came with your shoes and wash them accordingly.

What if the manufacturer's insoles of my shoes are not removable?

Not to worry at all. Simply place them on top of your existing insoles and you're good to go.

Can Frido insoles be transferred from shoe to shoe?

We recommend you get separate insoles for separate shoes for hygiene as well as custom trim fit purposes.

What kind of shoes can Frido insoles be used in?

You can enjoy cushiony comfort of Frido Insole with following types of shoes. 1. Formal & Office shoes. 2. Loafers. 3. Boots. 4. Sneakers.
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