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Frido Ultimate Deep Sleep Pillow

🥰Super Soft, comfortable with a supportive core

☁️ Flagship-grade gel cloud memory foam

🎍 Luxurious, washable bamboo cover

💆 Relieves tired, achy neck and shoulder

❄️ Maintains body temperature for cooler sleep



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A Pillow to make Dreams Even Sweeter

Comfort You Can Count on for Years to Come


Softer Yet Supportive

Embrace healthy sleep postures with our optimised density of memory foam aligning to your neck and spine.


Best-in-Class Comfort

While others may cut corners, Frido invests in your sleep. Our Ultimate Deep Sleep Pillow is testament to our commitment to superior quality, bringing you the best in sleep technology.

Reasons Why

Thousands Choose

Frido Pillow.

Memory Foam
with density optimisation

Balance between Softness, Comfort & Support

Orthopedic Pain Relief Design

Maintains passive airflow for cooler sleeps

Luxurious Bamboo Cover

Too Soft or Too Firm

Frido Pillow

Other Pillows

Designed by Orthopedic Experts

Firmness optimised for No-pressure support, pain-free neck & spine

Why should you try

Frido Ultimate Deep Sleep Pillow?

Make sleeping 10x comfortable with better neck support

Helps relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain

Alleviates neck pressure and reduces muscle stress

Let's you have cooler sleep with air ventilation

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Dr. Subir Roy
Doctor's choice

I am a doctor, found this pillow to be really well designed. Now recommending this to all family and friends.

Santosh Negi
Loved the Comfort and Quality

I decided to purchase this product because I suffer from daily back and neck pain relief. The product's future is to be comfortable to use at home and very light weight itself for daily use. It's very helpful and meets my expectations. My expectation with the product for the last 4 month was supers I will suggest others to buy the product and be healthy and happy.

Victor B.

Very comfortable and relaxing product.. helping me in my sound sleep.

sayyed mehdi
Amazing product

They deliver their promise, it's very comfy.

Abhinav sharma
It’s good and very comfortable

Quality is very good . Simply it’s value for money

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