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Frido Ultimate Pro

Seat & Posture Cushions

Experience comfort that no chair can offer.

🔬 Designed with research backed data

💆 Naturally improves posture & relieves pain

🎍 Ergonomically designed to fit human curves

☁️ Flagship-grade Frido Hi-Per™ foam

🪑 Works with all types of chairs

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Amazon Smbhav Award Winner 2022

Best Startup by
Google at Surge 2016

Maharashtra Startup Week Winner 2018

Incredible comfort

with ideal posture & pressure relief.

Natural pain relief has never been this simple, effective or affordable.

Scientifically designed for comfort and pain relief.


Zero Pressure Support

Frido's Proprietary Hi-Per Foam offers soft and velvety support while remaining super comfortable in even in long stretches of sitting


All Day Sitting Comfort

Ergonomic contours encourages proper posture and a straight spine, redistributing your lower body weight for comfort even during long hours of sitting.

The Science:
How Does It Work?

Good posture helps to reduce the stress placed on your spine. Your neutral position, also known as perfect posture, is the position that causes the least amount of stress on your spine.

However, most office chairs or where you spend most time sitting have 2 problems.

1. Seat offers little to no cushioning depending on the chair you use, plus they are flat while our bums are not so flat.

2. They offer no or fixed lumbar support, that makes you slouch, feel bad, impacts spine health directly, gives a lot of back pain issues in short/long term

Frido Ultimate Pro Cushions are different, because our posture improving lumbar cushion allows you to adjust your lumbar support to your neutral spine position.

Additionally, when you sit on our Pressure relief seat cushion, you experience a "hugging" sensation that improves blood flow to your legs, makes you feel comfortable and promotes better posture in the lumbar region.

Reasons Why

Thousands Choose


Relief from lower back pain, tailbone pain, sciatica pain caused by longer sitting hours.

Made with Frido's Proprietary Hi-Per foam

Curved design distributes ~8x better body weight

Easily washable cover, easy to maintain hygiene.

Hard, Flat & Uncomfortable

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Good for back pain

After using this my hip bone stopped hurting after working for long hours. earlier I used to face a issue everyday.
I highly recommend.

Swati J
Pain-Free Long Sitting Hours

Being someone who spends extensive hours at the computer editing videos, I know how crucial comfort is for productivity and well-being. When my previous setup led to unpleasant butt pain, I turned to Frido's Ultimate Pro Seat Cushion, and it's been nothing short of a game-changer. Here's why:

Immediate Comfort: From the moment I placed this cushion on my computer chair, I could feel the difference. It molds perfectly to my body, offering a soft yet supportive sitting experience.

Long-Lasting Relief: This isn't a temporary fix; the cushion has been consistently comfortable for months now. Even after 12-hour sessions at my computer, I can stand up without any discomfort.

Quality Materials and Design: It's evident that the cushion has been thoughtfully designed and constructed using high-quality materials. Its patented pressure relief technology is effective and makes sitting for long hours much more bearable.

Versatile: Though I primarily use it for my computer chair, it's versatile enough to be used in various seating situations, like in the car or on other chairs around the house.

Easy Maintenance: It's easy to keep clean, and the cover can be removed and washed, extending the cushion's life and maintaining its freshness.

Affordable Investment in Comfort: Considering the immediate relief and ongoing comfort it provides, I consider it a valuable addition to my workspace.

Summary: If you're someone who spends long hours sitting, whether for work or hobbies, I highly recommend trying out Frido's Ultimate Pro Seat Cushion. It's not merely about making your chair more comfortable; it's about enhancing your overall work experience and health. Say goodbye to butt pain and hello to a more enjoyable and pain-free sitting experience. I'm using it right now as I write this, and I couldn't be more satisfied!

HOW!? How is this cushion SO comfortable?

A wise person once told me never to skimp on things that keep you off the ground: Shoes, beds, furniture, your car, tires, and now: This seat cushion.

This thing gently cradles your buttocks like a gentle lover comforts you after a rough day. It evenly distributes your weight, protecting the most vulnerable parts of your derriere. The plush yet supportive material encourages healthy circulation for your bum-bum. You'll want to throw all of your previous seat cushions into a ditch and set it ablaze once your badonkadonk experiences this cushion. I know the price is a little daunting but even my normally frugal behind believes the purchase was worth every penny. I want to order a few more so I'll always have a comfortable place to park my dump truck.

subhrajit dasgupta
Saved my a--!

Literally, this is so much comfortable. Tailbone pain is gone.

Kshitiz handa
The most comfortable cushion I have sat on in the last decade!

This cushion is AWESOME! My mother got one. I sat on it and thought what is this? Is this how life can be? I have back problems. This cushion makes me feel like a whole new person. Ergonomically awesome. Soooo comfortable. Then I immediately got one more for my office too.