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Frido Ultimate Coccyx Seat Cushion

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10x Better Cushioning

You no more feel like sitting on the rock, This seat cushion cradles your bum to provide ultimate comfort.


All-day Pain Relief

Nearly 80% people found help with lower back pain, numbness after long sitting hours within 6 days of usage.

Reasons Why

Thousands Choose


Relief from lower back pain, tailbone pain, sciatica pain caused by longer sitting hours.

Curved design distributes ~8x better body weight

Made with Cooling gel memory foam

Easily washable cover, easy to maintain hygiene.

Hard, Flat & Uncomfortable

Frido Cushions

Regular Seat Cushions

Relieves Pressure

from your Bottom

Feels amazingly comfortable!

Why should you try

Frido Ultimate Seat Cushion?

Engineered to provide needed All-day cushioning,
comfort and pain-free sitting experience.

Make Seating 10x comfortable with exceptional cushioning

Helps relieve

Tailbone, Sciatica,

Lower back pain

Alleviates pressure

and reduces muscle


Dual Gel

construction for

Massage like feel.

See what they’re saying about Frido Ultimate Seat Cushion!

  • "Must use Product"



    This product is magic..i had a lot of pain as I had to sit for long hours'..i did not trust any other products from other brands..this product is costly..yes..it is..but.... whatever they claim of this product..is true..don't know how long it will last...but i don't feel any pain now...from the very next day of its use..hope the company doesn't stop selling this superb one..♥️♥️

  • "Go for it definitely"

    Sumit Jain


    I got 2 of these , one for my desk chair as i sit long hours working on laptop and other for the car. I had been frequently suffering lower back pain(stressed tail bone). A friend asked me to try frido gel cushion.. ever since I started using this surprisingly my lower back pain is non existent. I can confidently attribute this to the gel cushion of frido. Made a huge impact for me. Go for it.

  • "Unbeatable comfort"

    Kirtana Shetty


    I am employed in multinational company. My sitting hours are more than 10 hours per day. I was suffering from tail bone pain from quite some days. Now I purchased this product and using regularly on my office chair. My pain is almost gone now. I use this also in my long car journeys. This is really very helpful and suitable for persons having long sitting durations in office.

Customer Reviews

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Life Saver

I broke my tailbone and needed to make a 13 hour car drive the following week. The doctor told me to get a donut but didn't specify. I read many reviews and decided on this for shape. I could not have made the trip without it. I even used it while sitting on the couch. It was the difference between excruciating pain and comfort. It worked so well I gave my mother the info and she ordered one for herself. She suffers from back and hip pain due to arthritis and bursitis. We both love it.

Sourendu Bose
Bought for a family member with back pain when sitting.

My family member has been using this product for a few months and has had far more comfort when sitting. The shape and foam is very comfortable but also seems durable as it’s been used daily for a few months and is still in good condition. Definitely would recommend. Actually just bought another one for a different family member! This has been a good gifting item lately that comes really useful.

My husband found tailbone and backpain relief with this

I bought this cushion for my husband because of tailbone and back issues. The cushion is extremely comfortable, long lasting, and easy to clean. He liked it so much, we eventually bought another one so he wouldn't have to carry it from the upstairs to the downstairs couch.

Abhishek Sarkate
Better then expected

Was skeptical at first just based solely off how well it was going to work in my ciaz. Takes a bit to get used to and have to adjust sometimes but this thing is great. I drive a minimum of 3 hours a day and this takes all the pressure off my tailbone where I have most my back issues. Would recommend if you have long drives.

T sudhindra
Found Sciatica Relief

I had given up hope for sciatica relief. And to be honest I am not certain why this cushion works when others did not. Bu it does. It is nice quality and seems very durable and reliable. Excellent purchase for me. I wish all sciatica sufferers find a reliable source of relief.