Work from Bed: Rest back or set back?

Work from Bed: Rest back or set back?

Staying locked up in your home never meant you were chilling… Pandemic memories! Working from personal space including your comfy bed was more like a trend in Covid Era. It was impressive in its early stages; many are still willing to continue the same

But do you think it's worth it originally? Many still think that working from bed is a pleasure. It surely is a dream for some and some a nightmare.

Working in bed gives you ultimate comfort and flexibility; to change positions and get a comfy seat. Sounds ecstatic right?

These are the things that attract people but are you aware of the side effects of this comfort? This comes with experience, the experience of WFB

Sitting for too long can do this to you: 

Physical Effects:

Imagine, having the most expensive Porsche and not using it all. With no maintenance or drive in a while… Yes, our bodies are the same. Sitting for too long in bed can ruin your health. Our body is a complex machine that works fine when in motion and not when posed to rest in a continuum. These are some common issues:

  • Weak Posture
  • Stiff Neck and Neck
  • Weight Gain and Obesity
  • Weak Legs

Sitting for too long may impact your posture for a born vertebrate. Simply weakening your posture. This posture deformation further leads to back pain, Back pain with a stiff neck is analogous when it comes to symptoms of weak posture. They both come in handy with weak posture. 

Another impact of sitting for long hours is that our body gets used to comfort. This weakens your legs, legs as in muscles. That somehow holds you back from other activities like standing, walking for long distances, stretching, etc. Also causing varicose veins. 

Sitting somehow makes you fixated on a position, limiting your physical activity. Leading to weight gain. Obesity in extreme scenarios. But all the causes are treatable with slight modifications in lifestyle.

Psychological and Productivity Swamp: 

Many studies during the pandemic stated that working and sleeping in the same place can make you sleep-deprived. Ruining your sleep schedule and hampering your productivity. In extensive cases, it can cause intense mood swings and laziness. Imagine being sleepy all day and not able to sleep all night. Hectic right? It was suggested that one should keep their workplace and resting place separate to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Starting with some exercise before sleep!

What to do then? Try these easy hacks!


 Ideal way to bring your body back into action. There are numerous exercises available on YouTube and many influencer pages which highlight these issues and their doable solutions. Some popular ones are:

  1. Half-Kneel stretch
  2. Spine twists
  3. Ragdoll fold
  4. Downward Dog
  5. Chest Opener

Flexible routine and no longer sitting hours: 

 Another way is to pair your sitting schedule with frequent stretching, walking, or which include physical activities.

Using Back cushions:

You still can’t get off your screen that easily? Workaholic? Then use a back cushion to support yourself. It would maintain your spine posture and relax your back muscles. 


Frido Wedge Shaped Cushion is a lightweight cushion with memory foam to give your back the comfort it had been desiring. Its shape makes it easy to fit and adjust anywhere you wanna sit. It arches your back right. 

 So…next time you sit for too long on your bed, don’t forget these hacks. Make your life more comfortable and happy Work from Bed!