Frido Wedge Cushions: The Solution for All Your Comfort Needs

Frido Wedge Cushions: The Solution for All Your Comfort Needs

A Wedge Cushion is a triangular-shaped orthopedic pillow with an inclination of 30-45 degrees. A wedge is used for many purposes be it health-related or comfort related. You can place it either on your couch or bed & lounge on it. It provides your body with the proper incline while you sit, lie or sleep. 

Here is the list of all the possible ways you can use it for:


  • Do you Love to read in bed?

  • Here the wedge cushion is the best to give you the recline you need to stay in comfort while you read your favourite novel or journal your daily activities. The incline of your spine while you sit matters a lot, when it comes to your spine health. Using a wedge Cushion soothes your spine while maintaining your spine posture. Just place it on your couch, the straight side of the cushion facing the couch and the inclined side facing your back. What else? Nothing, just lay back and enjoy your reading or journaling! 


  • Do you work in bed?

  • Well, working from home also means working from bed sometimes. In situations like this, you can use a hack to increase productivity without sabotaging your comfort. Wondering? Well, a Wedge Cushion might help! It keeps your spine straight and inclined to a perfect angle while you sit with comfort in your bed. Ensuring a better spine structure with minimal neck and body aches. It works as an excellent lumbar support.


  • Do you love a good night sleep?

  • You can use it in place of your regular pillow. It is suggested to sleep on an inclined portion to keep your half of the body at an angle so that you don’t suffer amid sleep. It also proves helpful when it comes to night asthma and other breathing issues. Sleeping at an elevation reduces pressure on your lungs, and eases breathing. Using a wedge cushion = Peaceful sleep!

  • Do you keep your laptop on your LAP?

  • Yes! It can be used as a lap placement. Its perfect shape ensures you don’t hunch down at your laptop screen while you work. Keeping your eye level maintained and back posture straight. Apart from that you can use it while journaling, reading, or any other activity where you may require a lap placement.

  • They are also used in hospitals!

  • Wedge Cushions are the best when it comes to providing an upright recline to your spine. When someone is suggested to take bed rest or is in an immovable health condition, laying flat all day can be harmful. Wedge cushions turn out to be a saviour to give your spine the necessary incline and simultaneously soothe the back muscles. 

  • Do you know wedge cushions are the easiest pillow to avoid Leg articulation?

  • Are you a back sleeper too? Then raising your knees and legs while sleeping allows your leg muscles to relax fully! Also avoids varicose veins and cramps. Keeping your leg at an elevation ensures better blood circulation. For people with heart diseases and other health issues which require better blood circulation, the raised knees and legs prove to be a recovery aid. A wedge cushion can be an easy fit to elevate your knees right while you sleep comfortably!

  • About to be a Mommy?

  • The first thing about pregnancy in later trimesters is sleep posture and body aches. While you are in your third trimester your belly makes it difficult for you to sleep, twist and turn around in your bed, and also slows down locomotion. Understanding the plight, wedge cushion is the ideal support you can have. It supports your spine while you sleep with the baby. It helps in avoiding swelling and irritation of the lower back. It relaxes your back muscles and makes sleeping easy. Its triangular shape fits anywhere be it a couch, bed, or floor. 


    Have you heard about Frido’s Fling Wedge Cushions?

    They are ultra slim and lightweight. You can fix them anywhere you like, be it your couch or your bed. Its super comfy memory foam remembers you and hugs you right every time you use it. Ensuring you have excellent lumbar support and spine incline.
    So Lay, Sleep, and repeat! But don’t forget to check out this amazing wedge cushion!