Importance of Spine Health and its Maintenance

Importance of Spine Health and its Maintenance

The spine is one of the things that makes humans so special. It enables us to move freely and walk upright, and it also controls some of the most important functions of the nervous system. It transmits nerve signals, sensory information, and touch, smell, and pain sensations. Without it, we wouldn't be able to do any of the things that make us human!

The predicament for doing daily activities like bending, walking, lifting things, and stretching is the spine.

A healthy spine is essential for the proper functioning of the body and makes everyday activities much easier. In other words, it keeps you fit!
Poor spine health can lead to reduced sensation, impaired nerve signals and transmission, and in extreme cases like accidents, the ability to move and disrupted motor functions.

Who is Prone to spine issues?

Lifting heavy weights or not taking care of your posture while picking up anything heavy can put pressure on your spine and lower back. If you exceed the amount of weight your spine can handle, it can start to weaken and cause back and neck pain.

Sitting for too long in one position can also lead to stiffness in your neck and back. Some accidents can also cause a spine injury, which takes significant time to recover from.

How to maintain your spine health?

Easy it is! Starting with your Posture…

Maintaining your posture:

Sitting for long hours can take a toll on your spine and your muscles. Take a short break and do activities like walking, stretching, or changing in position. It keeps your spine a bit active and keeps your muscles moving. To make sure you are sitting correctly, your desk and chair should be of proper height. Your work screen should also be at proper eye level. This will help keep your posture aligned with your chair and make your work environment more productive.

Use a Back support Cushion:


The backrest is important! If you sit for too long on your chair then you can use a seat cushion to support your lower back. You can also use wedge cushions while you sit and work from your bed. And Lumbar Cushions while working from chairs. It helps in maintaining posture and avoids unnecessary arching or bending of the spine.

Frido Slim Lumbar Cushion is a lightweight slim cushion. Perfect backrest for any chair or sofa. Its Memory foam ensures you experience smooth and airy sitting all the while you rest your back on it. Its slim nature makes it easy to carry and fix in any chair or seat you like!

Frido Wedge Shaped Cushions are wedge-shaped cushions with memory foam to ensure comfort while you sit on your couch or bed for a significant time. Its wedge shape ensures you arch your back right and relax your spine while you can be super productive!

Take extra care while you lift something!

Lifting something heavy adds pressure to your lower back and spine. If not taken care of the posture while lifting something surely the outcome would be painful. A common hack is to balance the weight equally while lifting so that you don’t stress any particular muscle too much.


Food is the basic requirement for all the nutrients our body needs. Vitamin B3, Calcium, and magnesium are important for maintaining good spine health. If you are facing any spine issues then having these vitamins inculcated in your diet is helpful.

Exercise and Yoga:

Exercising regularly is a great way to stay fit mentally and physically, and it can also help improve your posture, spine health and discipline.
However, many people don't realize that their spine health starts deteriorating at a young age. I hope this blog will reach you before it's too late and help you take care of your spine. Remember, a healthy spine equals a healthy you!