How To Avoid Back Pain During Car Driving

How To Avoid Back Pain During Car Driving

Prolonged sitting can often cause back pain and that is very common due to driving. The vibrations trigger the process even more, making it hard for the driver to drive with a painful back. People who have to drive their car daily for work and other purposes, often experience such discomfort and getting that fixed should be your priority. 

Causes Of Back Pain 

Sitting in the driver's seat for hours can be physically very stressful and the most common causes of back pain while driving are listed below: 

Poor Back Posture

A poor back posture is considered to be the primary cause of back pain during driving a car. Some people often tend to shift their body at an angle to either of their sides which causes extra pressure on the muscles making the alignment of the backbone distorted. This mainly affects your lumbar spine causing your lower back pain.

Accident Or Trauma

It is very common for a previous injury to trigger pain in your back while driving your car. The injury might be recent or even something that happened years ago. The vibrations caused while driving is known to bring back injuries from the past. 

Questionable Lifting Methods

Lifting heavy objects carelessly can add stress to your upper back. While driving, this pain will eventually increase if not treated properly. Sometimes, even lifting heavy loads cautiously can lead to back pain later while driving your car regularly or for prolonged hours. 

Ways To Avoid Back Pain While Driving Your Car

Back pain can become a common problem for people who drive their cars regularly or for prolonged hours. However, this pain can be prevented if the necessary measures are taken while driving or treated thoroughly. The following points will provide some solutions to your backache issues.

Get Lumbar Support

Lower back pain or lumbar pain is the most common form of back pain that occurs as a result of prolonged driving hours. However, this can be treated by getting a lumbar support cushion. 

While there are several lumbar cushions available in the market, you must choose one that not only enhances your back support and posture but also corrects the alignment of your spine. The Frido Slim Lumbar back support cushion will cover all the above-mentioned aspects and prevent any back pain. 

Rightly Adjust The Way You Sit

If you're sitting for prolonged hours, your hips are also at risk along with your back. A coccyx and hip support are extremely important to prevent back pain or any discomfort while driving. 

Regular car seats are not always designed to provide you with the comfort that you need and thus, you should opt for a socket cushion. The Frido socket cushion is known to work exceptionally due to its precise cut-out design that makes your drive ten times more comfortable. 

Take Breaks While Driving

If you're driving for several hours, taking a short break at regular intervals will help you prevent back pain. Moving around or even stretching now and then will relax your muscles and make you feel comfortable while you drive towards your destination. 

Perfectly Align Your Seat And Mirrors

If your seat and mirrors are aligned properly, the need to twist and move every time you need to check the mirrors will reduce ensuring a comfortable drive.


Several factors can contribute to your back pain while driving. But, if you take the measures mentioned in this article, your drive will become smoother and more relaxing. Using the right lumbar cushion and coccyx support will provide you with the comfort you need. Explore our best products to reduce back pain.

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