The Benefits Of Facemasks: Protection from Pollution

The Benefits Of Facemasks: Protection from Pollution

You likely already know that wearing a face mask reduces the transmission of the coronavirus. However, there are other potentially fatal substances in the air besides the coronavirus. 

Every individual must choose anti-pollution measures in order to breathe healthier air, as pollution levels are rising dramatically. The usage of anti-pollution masks is another convenient, affordable, and efficient method of preventing oneself from the harmful effects of air pollution.

So, to what extent does the typical face mask help, and do other masks provide different levels of protection against air pollution? 

First, discuss the harmful effects of air pollution and then proceed to the role of facemasks.

Harmful Effects Of Pollution

Air pollution has been connected to a staggering number of diseases and health problems. Asthma, lung cancer, and low birth weight are just a few examples on this long list. In the simplest possible way, air pollution is the release of a potentially harmful and toxic substance into the environment, leading to impurification. These potentially harmful compounds are commonly known as pollutants. 

Pollutants degrade and damage the quality of the surrounding air, water, and land. Breathing polluted air can be dangerous even though the pollutants are invisible. People may experience burning in their eyes and laboured breathing as a result. The risk of lung cancer exponentially increases, as a result, leading to a risk of death.

How To Save Yourself From Air Pollution?

  1. Be aware of the AQI in your locality. When the air quality is in a severe category, wear face masks when going out.

  2. When outside, put on a mask.

  3. Fill your house with plants that purify the air. Some plants are known to purify indoor air and lower air pollution.

  4. Refrain from going outside. Exercise indoors if there is a lot of pollution outside.

  5. Purchase an air purifier. Although air purifiers can be pricey, nothing is more vital than your health.

  6. Have a healthy diet. A nutritious diet that is balanced and full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and healthy fats may offer protection from some of the harmful impacts of air pollution.

Role Of Face Masks In Protecting You From Harmful Effects Of Pollution

Particles and gases combine to form air pollution. Ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and the vast class of molecules collectively known as volatile organic compounds are all examples of gases (VOCs). 

Research suggests that we should be particularly worried about the negative health effects of tiny particles – those under 2.5 microns in size — rather than gases, which may also have severe effects. 

Studies show that facemasks are effective in protecting us from inhaling bad air particles. The degree to which they are effective in reducing exposure depends on the nature of the pollutant, the mask, and the user's actions. 

A mask's protection factor indicates how much of a contaminant it will filter out. However, some individuals have trouble using facemasks for various reasons, including discomfort, difficulty breathing, and claustrophobia, making it difficult for them to use them as intended to reduce exposure to air pollution. 

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