Masks: An Essential for your Health and Safety kit!

Masks: An Essential for your Health and Safety kit!

Life around masks is now normalized to a much greater extent than one could have ever imagined. We all learned the importance of personal hygiene and masking in the previous pandemic era. Masking proved to be a preventive measure that saved lives.

Masking is the most common aid these days for the prevention of Covid-19 & other SARS-related diseases. Masking is not only a preventive measure for the ones who are infected with Covid but also for the ones who are not. Now that news is in the air of a new variant of Coronavirus in China, every nation is arming up with Covid Restrictions back on board.

We all have been hearing a lot about AQI in different cities these days. We see a different hike in AQI of different cities in Northern India in winter. This year again Dadri, Uttar Pradesh tops the list with the worst AQI of 446! This worse climate brings loads of airborne diseases and infections. Common Cold & Cough, influenza, fever, etc. People with existing breathing issues like asthma suffer much more than usual days with less AQI.

In such a situation, using Mask in your health and Safety Kit is a mandate! To keep you away from all the probabilities of risking yourself. With the hype in new year celebrations and winter breaks one must stay cautious with all kinds of preventive measures; starting with Masks!

Let’s see why Masks are in Limelight again.

Is covid back? :

Recent news and stats from all over the world show a sudden spike in cases in China Mainland recently. Making everyone worry about the upcoming spread. Though the spike in covid cases is not seen yet in India there is the hype about the neighboring nation’s Covid Uprise. Many people have started Masking on their own in densely populated areas. There are states which are bringing covid mandates back into the picture, e.g. Karnataka. The Indian Government officials highlighted - ‘ That there’s no need to worry about the Covid Cases, and there are no Covid Restrictions imposed yet’.  

The data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India highlights  0.01 % of Active cases in recent days with 98.80% of recovered/ discharged people. Showing that the situation in India is still on the safer side.

Pollution: A known threat.

People residing in cities where the pollution rates are pretty high are prone to other respiratory diseases apart from Covid-19.  People having asthma and other respiratory issues are always suggested to wear masks when in densely polluted areas. The closest example is of someone residing in Delhi NCR, he might have to wear a mask without covid-19 restrictions being imposed.


It's a new year and almost everyone likes to be with their near and dear ones, so travelling business is at its peak! So is the risk of getting infected… How? If you are used to airways, they have a good ventilation system but still being packed in a small space for so long has risks. In situations with poor or limited ventilation, one should prefer wearing a mask. 

Concerts/ Theatres:

Concerts are in huge demand during this time of the year. But handling the crowd in bulk where everyone is screaming, cheering, singing, and enjoying themselves to the fullest; there is no surety of social distancing and open spread of the virus. Hence Masking is an easy way to prevent yourself as well as others from getting infected.

In a nutshell, Masks are a mandate in your Safety kit! It’s a must have accessory for everyone unless the Covid-19, SARS-related infections and pollution  are Bygone.

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