Does it hurt every time you sit for hours? Does it hurt when you get up after sitting for a long duration?

Sitting for too long hours, or using improper surfaces leads to coccyx pain. The coccyx is a triangular arrangement of bone that makes up the very bottom portion of the spine below the sacrum. Also if you are into physical pursuits like sports, cycling, rowing, or anything that stretches the lower back muscles extensively; it leads to strain on your tailbone also known as Coccyx or Coccydynia. It is not a severe condition that would require immediate medical attention. Simple lifestyle changes can lead to relief.

Causes of Coccyx pain:

1. Sitting on Hard or narrow surfaces:

Sitting on benches or any steep surface stresses your lower spine and coccyx. This happens because of long sitting hours in the office or driving too long.


2. Injury or Trauma:

If you are into sports and physical pursuits, injuries are caused due to extensive stretching of the lower back muscle. Have you tumbled anywhere on your back? Or are you having frequent cycling and rowing routines?

Cycling, rowing, stretching, kickboxing, calisthenics, heavy workouts.
These activities can stress your tailbone muscle, causing frequent pain. Repetitive movements strain your muscle, ligaments, and spine.

3. Post Maternity:

Women post-childbirth faces expansion of their vaginal tract ultimately stressing their lower back muscles and spine. Coccyx pain is common in this phase.

4. Menstruation:

Generally, females when menstruating feel an extensive strain on their lower back due to blood loss. Lower back pain including coccyx pain is frequent in menses.

5. Weight Issues:

Holding too much weight or not having sufficiently fat bums can cause tailbone pain. Obesity leads to extra weight carrying on the tailbone; if you are too thin then your tissues rub together causing irritation.

It is not a medical condition that needs strict attention. In cases experiencing severe pain, seek a doctor. It can be treated simply by some healthy habits and lifestyle hacks.. Using a coccyx cushion while you sit, and not sitting in continuation. Pair your sitting routine with a bit of walking or stretching. Yoga and some exercise can be an easy way to seek relief. If still not helping then some physiotherapy sessions and massage are ideal options to seek relief.

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