Tailbone pain or coccyx pain is common in today's lifestyle and work culture. One of the major reasons is sitting for too long in one place on an improperly cushioned surface. Click here to learn about other causes of coccyx pain. This is not a critical medical condition that requires immediate medical help instead it can be treated easily with some lifestyle hacks and exercise mostly.

5 hacks to ultimate tailbone pain relief:

1. Using Coccyx Cushion:

This is a specialized u-shaped cushion, designed to comfort and support your lower back while you sit for long hours. It is the easiest way to start your relief journey. You can get it online or at a pharmacy.

Frido Coccyx cushion and Ultimate Socket Cushion are ideally designed to relax and comfort your tailbone and hip bone. The u-shaped cut in the cushion allows you to alleviate uniform pressure, so you can sit in comfort and soothe your back. Frido Slim Lumbar cushion helps maintain your spine posture while you rest in your chair. The memory foam in all the cushions gives you a smooth, cushiony, and airy feeling every time you sit.

2. Exercise and Yoga:

Having a bit of exercise involved in your daily routine for tailbone relief is an easy hack to stay fit and get some relaxation. Yoga is also an alternative to start with some healthy stretching of the lower back. There are various poses and exercises, here are some to start with-

  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Piriformis Stretch
  • Cat-Cow stretch
  • Child’s Pose

3. Using a Hot or Cold Pack:

A hot or cold pack 3-4 times a day can be useful to reduce inflammation or the swelling of the muscles. A simple way to get relief from the pain, obviously you can use heat or an ice pack depending on your preference.

4. Vitamins, bandages:

Bone deficiency or weakness can also cause tailbone pain. Including vitamins B12, D, and B6 in the regular diet or taking supplements can help in relieving the pain. One can use bandages suggested by your concerned physio or use a few drops of castor oil and bandage yourself. Castor Oil is known for its stress-relieving properties. If it's unbearable then visiting a Doctor is a must. Because it may be a symptom of other diseases which might need medical attention.

5. Massage and Hot Baths:

Having some massage with different body oils can be soothing. Having a massage regularly can be an excellent way to have your me-time and relieve coccyx pain. Hot baths are far more relaxing to relieve any kind of body ache, including coccyx pain. Adding some Epsom Salt to the hot water bath couldn’t be more relaxing, as it relaxes the stressed muscle.

Ultimately, highlighting that you can start with these steps on your own and notice the change. If it persists, then seeking medical attention is a must!
So, no more hyping tailbone pain just try these simple hacks and relax. Cheers to comfort!
If unbearable or persists for too long then seeking medical attention is suggested.