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Wheelchair casters: Choose the right pair for shower and commode wheelchair

Casters are not just two small wheels in the front but extremely important in allowing the rotation of the wheelchair in all directions. The smooth functioning of the casters is a result of many small parts like thread guards, bearings, locks etc. How to select the right ones? Let’s find out.   Wheelchair casters play a vital role in the functionality and life of a wheelchair. While selecting a wheelchair, one should look for durability and comfort along with the right pair of casters. When the casters aren’t checked for their quality, the wheelchairs end up with the tag [...]

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3 Things To Consider While Buying A Shower Wheelchair

Want to take a shower safely while having limited mobility? A shower wheelchair is what you require to take a shower independently and with safety. But there are 3 important questions that you must ask before buying a shower wheelchair. What are they? Let’s go through some key attributes that make a great shower wheelchair.   People with disability need to face the challenges of immobility also with losing dependence to do things their way. That’s why a disabled person misses their freedom the most. But do you know what a disabled person fears the most? No, it’s neither [...]

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Pressure Sores In WheelChair Users: Their Care And Prevention

Wheelchair users often suffer with the problem of pressure sores. They are caused when the blood supply is cut off from a particular area of the skin. If the skin is under pressure because of continuous sitting on the wheelchair in one specific position, it results into such sores. It might result into severe consequences with respect to hygiene and health. How can a shower and commode wheelchair ease this problem for the mobility impaired? Read on to know. Wheelchair users often go through a difficult time with respect to doing their daily activities independently. Apart from that, what [...]

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