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A Fantastic Foldable Design

Why Frido?

       Limited mobility is a very real problem for many, many people all around the world. Those of us who have watched our loved ones struggle to even use the bathroom know the pain that comes with this challenge. At Arcatron Mobility, we are committed to making assisted living safer and more dignified via innovative, cutting-edge products.

     We believe that dignified and safe access to bathrooms is fundamental for everyone. However, easy access to bathrooms, especially while travelling is a herculean task for millions with mobility impairments. Does this problem deserve to exist in a time when mankind is making plans to settle on Mars? No, that’s why we are making Frido and attempting to solve this issue in the most practical way possible. Frido, a high-functional shower and commode wheelchair that fits into a suitcase, is our next major step toward this goal. We want to make bathroom access a second thought to people who struggle with mobility, and we are confident in saying that Frido is an effective way to do that. Frido aims to achieve a perfect harmony between functionality and portability and not settle for one. With Frido, reclaim your freedom to travel and do more. Frido – Break Free.

The Platinum Standard of Shower and Commode Wheelchairs.

Frido is a self-propelled multi-purpose shower wheelchair which is meant to be your ultimate travel companion. It assembles within 60 seconds, with no tools and fits in a suitcase. Frido is designed for the shower with materials built to last and function like none other. It has a stainless-steel body, swivel full armrests, swivel full footrests, front/side access for hygiene, height adjustable casters, quick release big wheels for manual self-propelling. Frido also features a unique design of a push handle which makes rolling over wall-mounted commodes or commodes with protruding flush tanks easy, it has much more. Say Hello to Frido!

Accessories for your Frido

Please do let us know which one you like the most.

Frido accessory: Transfer board

Transfer Board

Frido accessory: Outdoor pack and back caster wheels


Frido accessory: Hard-case travel bag

Rugged Bag

Frido accessory: Sliding bedpan


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