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The Missing Link in Wheelchair Accessibility: Roll in Showers & Shower Proof Wheelchairs

Most hotels and public places around the world are not wheelchair friendly for travelling. How can Roll-in Showers & Shower Proof Wheelchairs make a difference? A lot of efforts have been taken to build wheelchair accessible platforms at many private and public places recently. However, the availability of wheelchair accessible hotels and roll in showers is scarce which means that individuals with limited mobility can’t be sure of accessing bathrooms while on the go. It discourages to travel. Narrow bathroom doors, kerbs in a bathroom and less manoeuvrability space make it difficult and unsafe for wheelchair users to transfer. [...]

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Mobility Linked Challenges of Caregivers

The challenges faced by caregivers of mobility impaired have been on the rise for a long time now and are a call for attention. The physical and emotional stresses that caregivers face haven’t acquired much attention as compared to the problems of the wheelchair users. But it’s time to work towards solutions that helps both the patient and the caregiver. While talking about the people who are mobility impaired, we tend to think about all the challenges they face while doing the most mundane things like using a bathroom or going to any public place. Although these are quite [...]

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